We All Want To See Trump Fired!

Header: Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press

Enough evidence has been piled up against this ridiculous excuse for a leader and at this point it’s as safe as it’s ever going to get to say that everyone is fed up with his: fiendish personality, his model wife, his entire family, and all of the absurd “bills” and scandals that have come along in his recent wake. We have all reached our intellectual limit and our patience has been cut so thin that we literally cringe when we hear his name.

Most of us don’t really care what happens anymore; some have already shut-off entirely. The last 6 months have surely been long enough for those with an American citizenship to notice that their government has to get back to work eventually and isn’t it about time for Donald Trump to either resign or get impeached immediately? The entire world wants America’s Commander-in-chief fired on camera already.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey spanning 37 nations, a median of just 22% has confidence in Trump to do the right thing when it comes to international affairs. This stands in contrast to the final years of Barack Obama’s presidency, when a median of 64% expressed confidence in Trump’s predecessor to direct America’s role in the world.
Pew Research Center

It’s also competent to say that the current American President knows perfectly well that the only way he was able to get so many supporters in such a short time, as he did, was by his obscure use of populism during the campaign trail leading up to the debates.

Mr. Trump wasn’t a progressive with drastic 20th century plans for real change (Sanders) or a liberal claiming to have all of the same kinds of solutions (Clinton); he was a loud-mouthed donkey-hater—rolling his eyes, pointing his fingers at people and lying blatantly without any sign of shame or disregard—doing everything that we never thought could happen in politics.

His unique—but shameful—ability to stand-out as a bully among all of the boring politicians was his golden ticket into the White House.

What isn’t so safe to say though, is how this is all going to play out in the real world. I’ve got to admit that it’s satisfying to imagine a situation where little Donny lost his really cool job but what is not as enjoyable is coming to terms with the reality of a political rigamarole like dropping one Giant Douche for another Turd Sandwich.

Since the Republican party is in control of both the House and the Senate, a majority of party members would have to turn on the President in order for him to get impeached. With partisan loyalty holding strong, that’s still very unlikely to happen anytime in the near future.

His racist and shockingly immature behavior have led many of us to believe that this is just how society is evolving. Maybe the President has been showing us how we should be acting with people who disagree with us. Of course, it’s the complete opposite of what most people would tell you to do, but it seems to be working for him.

If it wasn’t for his personality and how he reacts—especially to immigrants, people of color, the media and to women in general—nobody would have paid any attention to him. But since we did pay attention; we followed his Twitter; we went along for the ride; we are left in the situation we are in today with a President who is the most unqualified person to be in power—ever—in all of recorded history.

There have been ongoing protests against him but these protests seem to continue without any kind of recognition. A very wealthy businessman trying to be the poor people’s savior has only invoked anger through mass dissent and activism. How else are citizens supposed to tell their government that they disapprove of what is happening? How can the country even function with so many people feeling screwed over? How can any of them have empathy or passion—when all they have been given is a great big sham?

The cost of extra security to the taxpayer ($120 billion)—like the secret service for his many residences—is not worth the wasted time in protesting. Budgets are cut thin with lavish spending by a public official and who is it that will have to pay? Not the billionaire in power or his family—that’s for sure.

How about all the wasted tax dollars on the trips he takes every weekend to go golfing ($20 billion)—is this guy even working? Politicians should be traveling exclusively for work. Not for pleasure. When he got elected as President by the Electoral College—not by the people—he gave up his right to have “free time.” If watching TV and going golfing is his highest priority, then he shouldn’t have wasted all of our time, right?

How he placed all of his friends and family into automatic government positions is absolutely disgusting. This corruption of the state by a very rich family has got to stop right now. He’s still involved with all of his companies and his children obviously keep him up to date with what’s going on money-wise.

I’m not going to say that most people in the United States of America think that his family isn’t doing this because I know that Americans are smarter than that. The collusion is definitely there though and we can’t ignore that one family is screwing everyone over. I imagine him walking around the White House late at night in his robe, with a bucket of KFC chicken, watching the news, listening only for his name and playing around on his smartphone.

On occasion, I enjoy comparing Mr. Trump to Richard Nixon, the last President to resign, and to Ronald Reagan, the last President who wasn’t a politician. I know that they’re nothing alike but I still like to do it. The emotions felt by the American people during the Watergate scandal must have been exactly the same as it is today and look at what happened to him.

President Nixon was on the road to impeachment but he knew he couldn’t keep up the charade anymore. However, unlike what Reagan was able to do during his time in office—President Trump has catered to the dark side of humanity instead of concentrating on invigorating the workers. Yes, President Reagan undermined the American workers at the same time as he was rallying them up but what he was able to do was keep his evil side hidden from the voters.

Mr. Trump got elected on the pretense that he was different from all the rest. That he had plans which were so unimaginably stupid that they possibly could work. Yet all he has done has been Tweeting a bunch of lies, firing a couple people and trying a couple whacks at ridiculous change with good-old-fashioned conservatism and xenophobia. He’s turning the whole world against the U.S. with his unacceptable behavior.

What the President is doing in office isn’t new or original either: it’s just mean and dense. He’s wasting up to $140 billion in taxpayer money every year on his extra security and his trips that he says requires.


Because he’s a celebrity, a billionaire, a new politician? No: it’s because he is so used to being the boss everywhere that he goes but this time he isn’t the one that’s in control. That’s supposed to be our job.


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