Three Ways To Make It In Hollywood

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It looks like Corey Feldman’s TRUTH campaign on Indiegogo has raised about 2% of the total goal—set at $10,000,000 USD—since October 25th or 6 days ago. The stories that this former child star wants to make into a movie are really scary if anyone sits down too long and thinks about it. To imagine that every child star is being propositioned for sex or some other kind of lewd behavior makes me personally want to puke. It’s so disturbing on so many levels.

There’s a lot of accusations about every big name, so I don’t even have to type them out. There is, however, a few solid point that I can make for this article at this time. I have seen The Open Secret documentary, 2014, which is available on YouTube (you should watch it too) and I think I have a pretty good understanding now of what’s going on down there in Tinsel Town. I’m not bragging. I’m just saying that once somebody hears or reads certain things: you’ll never think about that world the same way again.

It seems like when you go down to Hollywood to become an actor, singer, performerwhateverthere is going to be a time when you have to make a “deal with the devil”. What does that mean exactly?

Well, I think it means that you are going to eventually have to decide to cross the moral line of letting yourself or your childdepends on what situationbe taken advantage of beyond a strictly professional manner.

Remember that this article is being written by someone who has worked the “nine to five grind” his entire life. I can’t tell you one time that I was asked to remove my clothes or perform a sexual activity in the confines of my daily life at the office.

So to hear that some people are actually in this situation is just cringe-worthy. One of the kids that is in The Open Secret had a manager which asked him to suck his dick. The manager was really weird and got too involved with his family. the manager basically became a part of the familyyou know, showing up at holidays and becoming a cooky uncle or something…

But when the kid and the manager went to work and left the parents at home, the two of them had a personal relationship which only they knew about for years. That is the deal with the devil when someone has crossed the line sexually and neither one of them didn’t tell somebody else about the experience. Time went on and eventually, it came out that this manager was a total pedophile who was doing this kind of vetting with probably all of his “clients”.

With Harvey Weinstein in the news lately, it appears that a lot of people at the top in the movie, music/entertainment industry eventually just start to sling their dicks around or their vaginas #equality. The executives of the companies, the people who can make the decision if that other person is going to make it in the industry or notthey are the ones that are yielding the kind of power to push this kind of predatory behavior.

There was a video I saw where Elijah Wood said that if he didn’t have his mom as his manager, he would have ended up at those kinds of Beverly Hills parties where kids are given drugs and alcohol. Where there are rooms for sex and it is just not a big deal because it really is an open secret there with all of the people who actually get in. With the people who have “made it”.

That’s what being a celebrity is. One of those beautiful people that everybody around the world looks up to. The superstar is just the one who has made the deal. They took a risk I guess you could say, and saw what those people were doing in the rooms… They saw what everyone else was doing and were like…

Ok… I’m still here, I’m still me even though these people are doing this, it’s ok that at work people are perverts… They remind themselves that they are making a lot of money by being at that party because it’s going to be good to make social connections with more famous people there or to get new gigs for jobs, or whatever.

I saw another video (the one below) where I want to quote three people directly:

  1. At 39:41 — N.O.R.E. says in an interview “Yeah I believe in the Illuminati. Yeah, there is a certain level that you get at that you can’t go no further unless you’re aware of certain things and I’ll leave it at that, you know what I’m sayin’. There’s a certain level that you get to that there’s a door you have to walk through and it’s on you to walk through that door and once you walk through that door there’s no coming back.
  2. At 21:32 — Another famous looking man — but I don’t know who it is there’s no label, it just says VLADTV on the video — says “When you get to a level of success, when you get thirty, forty, fifty thousand a show, you platinum, you runnin’ across the world: there’s three different doors right. There’s three different ways to walk. There’s to the left, there’s to the right and then there’s straight. Straight is you are on you’re own, let’s see if you can continue this success young man, let’s see if it’s all about your skills young man, let’s really see that when you went straight. To the right, I’m not sure if that’s the homo shit right there. And then there’s to the left, I’m not so sure if there’s some sacrifice shit going on right there. I’m not sure cause I went straight. But I was offered these doors.
  3. At 22:19, another famous looking man who I don’t know, but there is a TMZ label at the bottom of the video. First, the cameraman asks him “Any like german fetish parties going on later?” and he responds with “I don’t go to fetish parties. I went to one, one time I seen really bad shit.” The cameraman asks “Was it a donkey show or??” and then he says “No actually, I think they actually killed people there and stuff. They pay up to a hundred thousand to see people get…” The cameraman says “Executed?” and he responded with “I’m not kidding. I went to another one where I literally say like the grossest… I wanted to throw up.

If we can just assume for a moment that “homo shit” means performing these sexual actslike what Harvey Weinstein and the pedophile manager didthen that allows space to think that there is even a higher level that we’re not being told about in the news. The most powerful are still not being talked about. A lot of celebrities are just keeping their mouth shut on the topic or they just give hints that they know more than they’re saying on camera.

Everybody knew what Harvey was doing since the 90’s. He was just that guy that celebrities knew was doing these sick things. Is there anyone else that is in the industry that people are not talking about who is doing exactly what he was doing? Of course, there is and I hope people who have a following start to tell the news and everybody watching who is acting like a skeeze ball like Harvey was that is in the business now. That would make it more ethical.

Hollywood seems to go so much deeper than any of us normies could ever even imagine and just listening to these icons saying these things makes me think that consensual sex, rape, pedophilia and many other perverted activities are just the deal that everyone has to make if they don’t want to make it on their own talent alone.


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